May 9

Practical tips for 1st time homeowners

Owning a house for the first time is an amazing experience. To have a space to call yours is one of your first achievements in the journey of adulthood. Of course, you’ll want your home to look in tiptop condition, so here are some tips to help you with that. 1. Have a plan & [...]

April 8

8 reasons to renovate your house in Singapore

1. Update your outdated home Homes of older styles tend to be less appealing to buyers. In the competitive property market in Singapore, it is advised to renovate your older-looking home to make it more attractive to buyers. Even by changing the air conditioning or plumbing, it can make a world of a difference to [...]

March 25

Ark-hitecture Crowned Winner of the Makeful Inspirational Home Awards

Cindy Thung meets Ark-hitecture Last year, Blue Ant Media debuted their self-made lifestyle channel, Makeful, on Starhub TV. In line with their debut, Makeful launched their inaugural Inspirational Home Awards to find the most inspiring homes in Singapore. As the campaign's official print partner, Home & Decor was part of the panel of judges for [...]

January 10

Great HDB Interior Design Ideas for 2019

Great HDB Interior Design Ideas Your home is your pride. It is the fruit of your hard work. Your home also says a lot about you, so it is important to keep its interior clean, organized, and stylish. If you’re looking to buy an HDB home in Singapore, here are some great HDB interior design [...]

January 4

7 Deco trends you will love in 2019

"We can’t wait for the new deco trends that 2019 will bring us and until then we gathered seven cool predictions for the next year. We are talking creative materials, elegant colors and gorgeous deco items, so here is our list." 1. Dark green When talking color, dark green will be a big hit in [...]