Watten Residences

A sophisticated space isn’t only beautiful, it also makes you beautiful while you’re in it. It’s a place where you feel chic, where you can definitely be well dressed and feel that you belong there. But more than that, a sophisticated interior has the ability to make a grand statement. It’s not about only have ultra-expensive furniture and pieces of art, it’s about being well-tailored and really well-balanced. Featuring a scandinavia design 3 storey cluster house with the use of solid white and light wood laminate with minimal detailing.

Displaying your favorite photos or framed artwork with the use of shelves. You can create a gallery wall and display your favourite art piece.

Modern or decorative or plain practical: the bathroom vanity can be anything you want it to be. It’s the place where you prim and pamper, or just comb your hair quickly; it’s the place where we get a few minutes to be with ourselves each day, staring at our reflection in the mirror. Featuring a marble detail bathroom with build in bathtub.