Parc Rosewood

A design characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. TV console have become an important living room feature and Wall mounted units are the popular choice for most home. With this 1 bedder condo , we have created a personalised living space with the swivel TV console which acts as a divider, showcase display and even storage space.

Featuring a retractable table perfect for small space. It can be turned into a dining table that comfortably seats 2 to 3 guests or double duty as a work desk. It’s a very practical and useful piece for small houses and apartments. You can save a lot of space when you’re not using the table and you don’t have to worry when you do need them because they’re very easy to access. These fabulously designed dining solutions are the most suitable for space challenged kitchens.
Not forgetting the refreshing use of the swivel TV thats define the living space without having to compromise your design style.

Unconventional Display cabinet with 360 degree swivel TV console. Cost saving idea to have 1 television for both the master bedroom and the living room.

Featuring a clean lines and a streamlined bathroom designed with a simplicity vanity cabinet a intriguing element of surprise at the side of the cabinet.

Make your entrance walkway a prominent appearance by adding a feature wall with functionality storage space and the perfect lighting on the state of art porcelain vase.