Jalan Lengkok Sembawang

Modern design concept for 3.5 storey landed semi detached house. The style is characterised by open concept with minimal use of walls to enclose sections of the house, striking materials such as glass and mirror over the more common wood, natural lighting through large windows. The combination creates an almost modern look that has minimalist undertones with the routed panel as TV console.

In most modern homes, the kitchen is a social space, an area designed not just for cooking but also for entertaining guests and interacting with family members.
In such a configuration, the breakfast bar is often at the heart of the space.

Walk-in closets never fail to add a dose of luxury to a home. Featuring an elegant walk-in closet design with beautiful blend of glossy black laminate and reflective mirrored bag display cabinet accompanied with full height black aluminium framed wardrobe sliding doors that’s flawlessly organized with a chic clothing collection. A island design concept destined to become an icon of the luxurious space showcasing the series of luxury jewellery and watches collection conceived to develop a new, prestigious image.

If your home has a family room or den, we’re guessing it’s probably the most popular room in the house (after the kitchen, of course!). why not transform this space into a perfect place such as a movie theatre to hang out, play games, or just relax watching the latest block buster. Brillantly designed with soundproof fiberglass wall panels with creative geometric layout in shade of grey tone enhanced with the futuristic ceiling design. The Cinema room is best to tailored with automatic recliner sofa.

Common exterior doors are the easy choice but if you really want to impress your guests and to customize your entryway you should look for alternatives. Sliding doors could be an option although they’re quite common too. So how about a door that doesn’t swing or slide open? We’re talking about pivot doors. Pivot doors are a dramatic and modern alternative to the common door designs. Apart from a more unusual system, pivot doors have other advantages. For example, they can be larger than the regular doors. They can be made out of metal and materials which are too heavy to be used for regular swing doors. The fact that the doors are very heavy doesn’t interfere with their functionality and durability due to the unique system..