503 Woodlands Drive 14

Nothing beats the comfort of home after a long day from work. As soon as you enter this unit, you will feel a sense of lightness and comfort thanks to the pastel inspired color palette. When the curtains are opened during daytime, natural light enters the living area which makes the space even lighter.

Inspired from a modern vicotrian approach, this unit takes on a singular accent color deriving different shades which was applied throughout the unit, paired with white as its base color. The kitchen faucet, cabinet handles, and even the lighting fixture used gives its touch of modern vicotrian – a perfect match between old, vintage pieces in a modern setting.

Functionality should never be compromised with design – which is why the living room partition does not only serve as a wall for mounting the television; it also doubles as a shoe cabinet on the opposite side conveniently located adjacent to the entrance of the unit.

Decorative mouldings can be seen adorned on walls and cabinet panels. This completes the desired outcome of having a modern victorian look. Nothing could be more sophisticated than combining the old with the new. This walk-in-closet uses different shades of white from the ceiling down to the floor. This makes it easy to highlight any decorative elements such as your chair; even the items inside the glass-panel cabinet stand out.

The use of a non-conventional door adds value to its uniqueness, as well as saves ample space used for clearances in the case of a swing door.