I was recommended to Ark-hitecture through my friend as I have serious issues with my previous firm whom I have engaged. It was a really bad experience that they abandon the renovation work midway with bad workmanship.

After meeting with Obiang, his sincerity and honesty puts us at ease. We somehow felt confident with his professionalism. Our experience turns out to be smooth, as he was clear about the budget and able to provide practical advice and creative workarounds, suggestions to complement the costings.

What we also greatly appreciate, was the speed it took to execute the entire project, well managed without those common hiccups we often hear about, without compromising to the workmanship and finishing. Obiang was able to provide constant updates on the progress and accommodate to our schedules. Even after completion, he continues to be very responsive whenever we have questions or need additional advice. Overall, we had peace of mind working with them. The fact that he is passionate about his work has made the process a fun experience for us.

Obiang has made the whole experience a very pleasant oen for us and I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone! Thanks Obiang & ARK-hitecture for helping to create our dream home.

Dinah Haryani
Home Owner

Given we have young kids and hectic jobs, we were looking for an ID we could trust to manage the renovation with minimal supervision from us. We need source for an ID that listens, and proposes workable solutions and therefore we have chosen ARK-hitecture Pte Ltd.

Serene together with her assistance Obiang was being introduced to us as our designated ID. On our 1st meeting, they are very patient and listen attentively to my ideas. Serene took note of all the specific dimensions and requirements we needed and the layout required in the kitchen for my cabinets. Thereafter, the follow up was prompt. Serene came back with the drawings and samples for material selection. She never missed any dimension and was able to capture what I needed from our 1st meeting. We are glad that she and her team listened to us well, understanding what we want and came out with a very good design just like what we wanted. Whenever we had any queries, she replied to us promptly and always reachable.

What I like about them is they always update us on the schedule. Never once did they miss any of the appointment. Serene and her team would always be around to supervise the installations. Right till the end and even after 9 months of staying in the house. She was involved with every of the work and warranty service after handover. She takes her work seriously and professionally and she co-ordinates very well with her team of experts to provide the utmost quality workmanship.

Both of them are prompt to attend to us when we highlight our feedbacks/complaints and they were all looked into promptly. This trait is often lack off in a lot of IDs, We have heard so much stories about IDs missing in action or slow in response upon handover. We are quite satisfied with the final result of the renovations and will definitely introduce ARK-hitecture Pte Ltd without hesitation if anyone asked me for a responsible and experienced ID.

Marc & Caroline
Home Owner

We researched and met a few ID companies but eventually engaged Ark-hitecture to do up our resale flat. From the get-go, Li Hao and Javin were concerned about designing around our lifestyle – our hobbies, interests and our habits. This was a clear winner for us. They were also excellent at identifying, streamlining and bringing to paper the “feels” and theme we were going for. They also had a strong design sense that was coupled with good pragmatism. They were well experienced.

When it came to the quotation, Li Hao was very meticulous and tireless worked to find creative solutions for us to stay within our budget. They were also very helpful in the shopping process and gave us tips and advice when choosing our tiles, lighting, furnishing and materials.

During the renovation process, Li Hao stayed on top of things and constantly updated us with pictures and comments. When we gave our feedback throughout this process, including lastminute design changes, Li Hao was excellent at accommodating and working with the carpenters to make things work. There was an assurance and confidence that he was not only capable but also responsible. This put us at ease and made the renovation process smooth and light.

Finally, after the handover, Li Hao constantly stayed in touch with us and even arranged for the necessary services for us whenever we found small things that required refining. Li Hao would even come down to ensure that things were settled to the degree of our satisfaction.

All in all, we are extremely happy and proud of the work done by Ark-hitecture – especially by Li Hao. The professionalism and willingness to work with us to make our dream home come to pass is definitely worth recommending. So we would recommend Ark-hitecture and Li Hao to anyone looking for a similar experience. Fantastic job!

Home Owner

I would recommend Ark-hitecture if you’re looking for designers who are creative and passionate about designing. I have selected them among other design firms as they were able to show me extensive and impressive portfolio with various design.

On the first meeting, Obiang put us at ease with his personalities and impressed us with his listening skills. He is very professional and understand exactly what I want and he will input all our daily lifestyle when designing our home. This experience was valuable and they were able to come up with design proposals and options while balancing the cost with losing aesthetic elements.

One thing that impressed us was his commitment to ensure customer satisfaction for any post-renovation issue. We felt that not all IDs would go that extra mile to spend time and effort to follow us on our furniture shopping for a few days!

Overall, our renovation journey was very smooth and easy-going as the designer took care of everything according to plan, and updated us whenever necessary. The renovation was completed without any delays.

Chow Chin Hui
Home Owner

I would like to thank Nix and Serene as well as the Ark-hitecture team on the accomplishments of our house. This has been a large project for us and the renovation is of significant importance to our family as we have been living at the place for almost a decade and would love to give a fresh new touch to it. Both Nix and Serene have contributed to create a wonderful space for us to live in and have made the process to date smooth for us.

Part of the challenge is committing to build a relationship with the designers and it’s a leap of faith to trust them with building our vision on budget, on schedule, and with attention to details to suit our lifestyle.

They have exceeded our expectations, and we consider them one of the best renovation company we’ve worked with. The entire team tactfully delivered a project of exceptional planning and quality while staying on schedule and within budget.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being so fun and patience to work with and it means a great deal to me that you all bring a smiles on your faces and ready to solve whatever issue we’re up against. It’s an awesome thing and I appreciate every single one of you and all of your efforts in making this such a great experience for everyone included.

Thank you and I hope you’re proud of your efforts and accomplishments.

Zahid & Julia
Home Owner

Javin really takes every single effort to listen to us and she works very hard to understand our interest and requirements. She provides valuable guidance in regard to color schemes, flooring, and tiling, painting, lighting, furniture selection, and accessories. She is a great person and very comfortable to work with.

We see Javin as a very practical interior designer who can definitely deliver great value for both modest and high-end projects. Javin always looks for good value when making product recommendations. The desire to provide good value to her clients was also apparent in her time management and records keeping on the project. She is very professional and creative.

We are ecstatic about the results Javin achieved. It is a true testament to her talent that relatives, friends, and guests who visit our newly renovated home are in awe of the transformation. We would strongly recommend ARK-hitecture to handle your interior design projects. We have had many compliments on our home and look forward to working with Javin in the future.

Home Owner

Obiang could relate and understand my ideas and have made my dream come true. I am impressed with his knowledge in interior design and how he can freehand draw a layout from my description easily.

The contractors who he has engaged were very friendly and attentive to detail. When I made a comment or question on site, the contractors will answer and explain to me on things that were working on.

He never fails to reply to my messages and answers to all the questions promptly. I will definitely recommend his company and service to my friends. Obiang has delivered the house as how I wished it will be and makes me want to stay at home every day. Definitely value for money, considering the amount of workmanship involved.

Alex Ngou & Shini Hong
Home Owner

After browsing multiple portfolios of IDs via Qanvast, we shortlisted and contacted them. Obiang and Nix from ARK-hitecture was one of the responsive ones to get back to us and to schedule a meetup.

They understood our requirements well and put in additional effort to explain things, such as the Pros and Cons. Obiang is very upfront and honest, hence we felt very comfortable working with them. Throughout the discussions, both Obiang and Nix showed the most initiative compared to other IDs, giving the most thoughtful recommendations and produced the most detailed proposal. We left the whole renovation process to them with ease. Throughout the whole renovation process, Nix was very responsive and makes sure to address every one of our concerns on top of that being very patient despite us bombarding lier with tons of queries every time there’s a new update on the renovation.

The end product is nothing short of what we envision, and we are extremely lucky to have such a smooth and no nightmare renovation experience. And even now, after the completion of our project, Nix continues to respond to us and supports us readily in minor rectification works.

The entire renovation process is made easier and hassle-free when we engaged ARK-hitecture! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a ID. Thank you for making our dream home come true!

Home Owner

My husband and I would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the teams from Ark-hitecture who has assisted us in our house renovation. Ark-hitecture Pte Ltd are very professional and definitely one of the trustworthy designing firm in Singapore. Not only the designer aims to have the design resembling the owners personality, it is also practical. The renovation process was great, I felt that the teams did an excellent job handling the project. They were able to listen to what I’ve requested and conceptualize a design thats speaks wonders. All the renovation was done within our budget and most importantly, there are ZERO additional charges (except for items which we added in ourselves). I love the way that I only need minimum supervision on the project! It is definitely an ID that I would recommend!

Home Owner

We have engaged ARK-hitecture Pte Ltd when we wanted to breathe new life into our new nest. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we made as we were very happy with the outcome. Our designer, Lihao, was professional, prompt, patient and always attentive to all needs (also our demands!).

He worked closely with us and with all his contractors to help us make the renovation as smooth and as efficient as possible. In addition, he went out of his way to help us make the multitude of decisions for a project like this, both big and small, from hacking a wall in the kitchen to what kind of bathroom fittings we should have. The design gave our apartment a real lift. Service was fantastic. Lihao could relate and understand my ideas and have made my dream home came true. I am impressed with his knowledge in interior design and how he can freehand draw a layout from my description easily.

He never fails to reply my messages and answers to all the questions promptly. I will definitely recommend his company and service to my friends. He has delivered the house as how I wished it will be and makes me want to stay at home everyday. Definitely value for money, considering the amount of workmanship involved. Kudos!

Daryl Cheong
Home Owner

The experience with Ark-hitecture was fantastic with the whole renovation process and its end result exceeding my expectations! Serene from Ark-hitecture is a creative and meticulous designer with her own original design ideas to make your home unique and she can balance it out with functional ideas to meet your daily living needs. Whenever I proposed an idea, she would provide constructive feedback and carefully factor all our concerns into her design. She has been very prompt and precise with each and every step, from the colours and material selection to the overall theme. The renovation journey was smooth as she will attend to every matter including of sourcing for furniture and lightings that matches our home design. We would just sit back and relax and she will handle all the coordination and update us regularly on the progress.

Overall, the workmanship of the works are satisfactory, as she will rectify and follow up if there are any minor blemishes. Most importantly she is able to meets my budget and complete the works within the timeline and design is exactly as per the 3D drawing proposed.

Wei Ying
Home Owner

Ark-hitecture was one of the few ID we met, and unlike all other companies whom we met, They was the only one who came on site to further discuss the layout and price. The designer took in our ideas as well as give some professional suggestion base on the many years of experience in renovation and designing. Beside this, the teams help us save some cost by comparing and sourcing the best quality tile at the lowest rate. I would strongly recommend their service.

Han Lee
Business Owner

Service and workmanship is good, will make sure customer is satisfied with the end product. Came on time to do the job and finished on time as promised. Although it is just a small project they still take it seriously. Will highly recommend them if you want to renovate your house.

Tang Hao
Home Owner