The Company

A design that is more than just decor, it creates an atmosphere that becomes the true identity and the true personality of the space.
At ARK-hitecture, our experienced Designers and Industry Professionals will conceptualize ideas & walk alongside with our clients to create design concepts, bringing captivating 3D drawings into reality.

We are a one stop boutique interior design firm with fully integrated services that encompass the entire process, from design and consultation to project management and construction. We adopt multidisciplinary design practice that provides design planning and site management for both commercial and residential clients.


Tailored Experience

Phase 1
This is where we get to know you and your lifestyle for your new space.  We will discuss on the theme, project budget and timeline.

Phase 2
is the design development where our creative ideas are flowing and we can’t wait to share them with you.
We will develop new space plans, mood board,  color palettes  and 3D visualisations of your dream home.

Phase 3
is about the documentation and construction phase where we’re getting very serious and have detailed conversation such as that ½” edge detail on your countertops!
This is where you will start to see our ideas come to life and we will provide you with regular updates on the renovation progress.

Phase 4
arrived with a big smile on your face. Before we leave you to your personalized space. Our team will advice the care and maintenance of your new finishes and furnishings so you can enjoy them for many years and maintain their new appearance.

Meet Our Team

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful

Obiang is responsible for the company branding and his passion to venture into more new creative ideas help to enhance and produce exclusive design. He enjoys looking at everyday things with fresh eyes and believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform each and everyone daily life. Obiang prides himself on his attention to detail and is best known for creating polished spaces that are functional. Each project speaks his client’s own interests, travels and lifestyle. His aesthetic is classic with a twist, timeless with a hint of edge.

Be Original and Your Home Will Speak For Itself

Kai Wee
With many year of experience and educations majoring in Bachelor of Fine Art, Kai Wee is passionate about creating new design and unique layout plans. His role includes conceptualization of design and project management. He finds inspiration in examining the space by understanding the needs and requirement . His work is an attempt to define the border between perception and reality, and the process, which turns image into reality. His designs achieve an elusive blend of sophistication and sustainability.

A good balance of form and function over anything, and everything else

Mariann loves a good balance of form and function, with a tad of charm. Graduated with a Degree in Interior Design with Honours, she pours her heart into all her projects which are catered to each individual client's unique lifestyle. She specializes in warm and cozy interiors that utilize natural light. She believes that an effective and successful design creates its own ambiance, affects moods, and impacts lives. Mariann's constant learning about the art of interiors from her extensive travels play a huge role in her designs, but creativity and functionality will always be at the forefront.

A good design is the marriage of function, form, and its individual uniqueness

This young professional is a firm believer that both function and design should not overpower each other, but rather maintain a good synergy. Having earned his degree in Architecture, he worked under a design firm where he was trained to be keen to details and uphold the integrity of the design solution fitted to the client's needs.

Tell me your home desires or design worries and let me resolve them with utmost simplicity and aesthetics.

Serina is an avid fan and a constant learner in all forms of art, interior, architecture, theatre, and film. Her study major on interior architecture & design combined with theatre and film performance has moulded both her pragmatic and artistic values in creative problem solving throughout her years. She has also undergone rigorous training in dance, singing, Kalaripayattu, Viewpoints, Suzuki and Biomechanics amongst others which has instilled upon her a strong sense of accountability and discipline and overcoming fear. As a thriving multipotentialite who is versatile, effectively bilingual and easy to work with, She is excited to collaborate with home owners both in Singapore and internationally.

Design is an expression of one's self that can be visualised through forms, styles and spaces.

Sam believes that design is a form of self expression. Graduated with a diploma in Interior & Spatial Design and having a broad experience in Commercial Design, she focuses on designing spaces through conceptualising key elements for each of her projects whilst keeping the importance of function & aesthetic.

Space is a powerful canvas. It encapsulates the end user in its tone & voice. My job here is to deliver this desired mood, along with its functions thought out, executed in a professional & timely manner.

"Coming from a decade of graphic design in both client & agency sectors in Melbourne, Australia - I would say I've quite an unconventional approach. I would first come up with a "visual identity" for this said space, its target audience (the residents; or if it's a commercial project, its patrons & users) and sets out its form & function accordingly. To me, good space is when you feel better after stepping into it. Your space should be a representation of you, and who you'd like to be." Cheryl first dipped her toes in interior design when she had to renovate her apartment in Melbourne, and fell in love with it. Having practised as a visual designer in Melbourne for the past decade, she was keen to move onto a more personal canvas. Besides sitting by the computer creating floor plans & designs, she loves visiting homeware supplies stores for inspiration. Her favourite currently is Tan Boot Liat Building, as well as Noden (211 Henderson Rd, #02-02) and Copan (1 Jln Kilang Timor, #05-02).

A good design lies in the small details.

Chia Kai
Driven by passion, ChiaKai takes pride in providing the best solution possible for all design needs. As a designer, he believes that all minor details play an important part in creating wonderful and comfortable living conditions. Despite graduating with a diploma in spatial design in 2020, ChiaKai has been involved in the design industry freelancing for quite some time with his skills and experience. Furthermore, he has been recognized by many for his commitment to clients' needs by learning and understanding.

A good design should reflect the character and enhance the lifestyle of its occupants.

Alvin believes that a good design should reflect the character and enhance the lifestyle of its occupants. The role of a designer is to extract and consolidate the ideas from homeowners and manifest them to reality with a sense of thoughtfulness on both aesthetics and practicality. Having graduated from NUS with a bachelor’s degree in Arts (Architecture), he is well equipped to assist homeowners to conceptualise a design that will meet their needs.

I aspire to create a space that incorporates with nature and show the beauty of the world.

Shi Yin
Shi Yin believes that design is the platform where she can communicate her ideas and thoughts to the people. She wants to create a comfortable place for everyone to live in and call home. Graduating from Temasek Polytechnic allowed her to think out of the box and be creative.

Every Home Design speaks or create a unique individual story to be told through the interior of the space.

Samuel is an aspiring designer that believes in practicality and slowly integrate aesthetic designs in a home. Graduating with a diploma in interior and exhibition design, Samuel is exposed to different types of knowledge of styles and art movements. He believes that every STYLE has a unique characteristic to be applied into his works. With hands on experience on the ground it helps him to grow in his design style.

Design should be able to evoke emotions, particularly of comfort if its a home.

Theresa’s background in Architecture has shaped the way she perceives space, and appreciates the potential a good design brings in effect to the user’s feeling & senses. She finds joy in crafting spaces of repose for homeowners seeking tranquility from the bustle of life outside. Pragmatic spatial planning serves as the fundamental of her designs, with materiality & ambient lighting coming to play as vital components to complement the overall scheme. She is committed to meeting her client’s vision for their dream homes.