Ark-hitecture Crowned Winner of the Makeful Inspirational Home Awards

25 March 2019

Cindy Thung meets Ark-hitecture

Last year, Blue Ant Media debuted their self-made lifestyle channel, Makeful, on Starhub TV. In line with their debut, Makeful launched their inaugural Inspirational Home Awards to find the most inspiring homes in Singapore. As the campaign’s official print partner, Home & Decor was part of the panel of judges for the contest.

Let’s learn more about the winning homeowner, Cindy Thung, and her inspiring home!

An inspiration of hard work

According to Cindy, her house is an inspiration of hard work that she built with her husband – not completed overnight, but after years of late nights and tough grind. Finally in October 2018, Cindy’s efforts paid off and she collected the keys to her newly renovated resale flat in Seng Kang.

Before the renovation

Prior to Cindy’s renovation, her flat looked terribly rundown and dingy due to 19 years of wear and tear.

“Its condition was quite bad – the outdated kitchen design, dirty toilet with anti-slip flooring typically used in elderly homes, exposed cable trucking with uneven walls,” Cindy adds on.

As such, she worked with interior design firm ARK-hitecture to create the dark-coloured modern home she always dreamed of.

Since Cindy wanted a bold colour scheme with dark hues, her designers came up with a colour palette comprising shades of grey, black and blue. On top of that, she also requested a seamless mixture of textured materials and detailing.

“My home is not just an inspiration, but it is also a reflection of my personality,” Cindy reveals in an interview with Home & Decor.


When the design team suggested painting the entire walkway in dark blue, Cindy had her reservations as she was afraid it would clash with her dark-toned furniture and carpentry. However, after a few days, she grew accustomed to it, and most of her peers even noticed that it gave the home a cool vibe that was the perfect embodiment of Cindy’s personality.


In the kitchen, Cindy decided to forego the kitchen’s top cabinet as she felt that since she rarely cooks, it was unnecessary. Concerned that the wall above the bottom cabinet would then look plain, they decided to play around with the idea of using various tiles and wall treatments, before landing on cement stucco wall finishes.

One of our favourite features in Cindy’s kitchen has to be the elegant gold wire chairs, and we never would’ve guessed where she got them – Taobao! For Cindy, however, her tall slim fridge and washing machine, that operates in silence, remain her best-loved.


To open up the space, the designers from ARK-hitecture suggested hacking the wall for an unobstructed pathway to the wardrobe, as well as an open-concept bathroom.

To get ready for the day, Cindy uses the gigantic vintage mirror she bought from a home-based vintage collector in Singapore! Meanwhile, many of her bathroom fixtures were purchased from Tuscani and Wasser Bath.